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  • Is a doodle for you? 

  • Doodle generations and sizes

  • Coats, shedding and colors.

  • Doodle coat care.

  • How to bring home your own Doodlebugs Family Member.

  • What to do when you're expecting a puppy from us?

  • How to keep your puppy and adult healthy: continued vet care needs.

  • Our favorite things!!


Doodles are a mix between purebreds and subsequent mixes of the same purebred breeds. The reason to mix the breeds is typically to produce a better/easier blend of temperament and or to help alleviate health issues. 

These dogs are not yet considered a purebred although some crosses are working diligently towards this. 

Our doodles here at Doodlebugs are bred to be sound of mind, body and fulfill the need for a companion driven mentality. Our puppies excel as family members, service, facility and therapy dogs 

In other words if you need a highly driven hunting dog, protection dog, herding dog our doodles are not for you. If your looking for a dog who thrives as simply being your family member one of our doodles can be a great fit. 


Generations are typically written as filial generations. F1 is a first gen 50/50 poodle and Aussie or Bernese for us. F1b is the F1 taken back to any of the parental breeds. Typically this is the poodle again but it can be the Berner or Aussie as well. Beyond this it gets very complicated if you don't follow a certain order therefore we typically call them multigen and explain the cross made. 

Sizes Doodles come in is as many sizes as the original parental breeds. Due to this we will never guarantee their adult sizes but having bred them since 2012 we can give you a very close estimate.​


Coats will vary by pairings, breeds used and individual puppies. We will always be upfront about how much coat care we expect for your puppy. Typically our puppies will range from soft wavy to curly.

Shedding is something all dogs do. Hypoallergenic actually means the dog will affect allergies less or is only "slightly allergenic". (Mayo Clinic article here). Poodles are a breed known to cause less allergy hence the incorporation of them in the doodles. Different pairings will result in different degrees of shedding. Doodlebug Family puppies are living successfully with allergy sufferers however each allergy case is looked at individually.  

Colors are as varied as a painters palette. Besides the colors seen when the puppy is young several colors don't fully develop until the puppy is older. this goes for Sables, Silver, Blue, Silver beige and Cafe au lait. Whether they are merles as well or not. The degree of change is always hard to estimate since such a degree of variety exists. Our personal take on it is that you get a new color every time the dog is groomed until they finish clearing their color and it remains the same. 


Doodle coats need care. Starting when they come home. Now how much is all depended on how long you are wishing to keep their coat. Regardless of adult length however they need to be handled and preferably combed from a young age just so they learn. We will instruct you on how to handle and comb when you pick up your puppy. 

For the lowest maintenance we suggest having them shaved every 4-8 weeks. The shorter length of coat you go, the longer you can go between. A 15mm-5/8ths length can easily be kept without extra fuss by simply shearing monthly. This gives a nice soft coat without worry of matting. A 3F, 4F, 5F or 7F is shorter the higher the number. Ask your groomer to show you the differences.

If you want a long fluffy coat you will need to comb daily and use a daily detangling spray. These coats can be cut still by scissoring or using long guards. But by-weekly baths are strongly advised as well as a high velocity blower.

Check our favorite products for all the essentials grooming needs.


  1. Start by browsing this site and our FB page for it should answer most of your questions upfront. Such as available puppies, prices of said puppies, upcoming litters, coat care, sizes, colors, what is included with your puppy. 

  2. Once you have thoroughly perused the site and would like to start the process we ask you fill out a puppy application. 

  3. When we receive the application a phone call will follow. 

  4. After the phone call and you have been approved a few things will happen depending on the age of the puppies. Planned but not expecting yet, expecting but not born yet, born but not 8 weeks yet. These all require a reservation fee to go onto waitlist in order to pick puppies at 8 weeks. Once puppies are 8 weeks​ a deposit will go straight to the specific puppy.  

  5. Matching. Puppies are matched at 8 weeks old. They will have been seen by the vet and been temperament tested. We schedule in person or remote choice time slot. The temperament results will be shared as well as pictures, videos. Video calling is available when picking remotely. After you make your choice the contract, Baxter and Bella, Trupanion activation and health records will be send electronically.

  6. Pickup day is around 9 weeks old. You come get your puppy or transport has been arranged and ask any questions that popped up! 

  7. Welcome to the Doodlebugs Family!!!  


  • Make sure to abide by all the deadlines if there are any. ​

  • Make sure to communicate well. Whether its questions, well wishes or your choice at puppy matching. 

  • ASK questions!!! No such thing as a dumb one just ones not asked. 

  • USE Baxter and Bella, for prep and training.

  • ACTIVATE Trupanion

  • CHECK our favorite things to get the stuff you need like crates, toys, grooming supplies

  • SCHEDULE your first vet visit to be within 7 days of picking up your puppy. 

  • REMEMBER reservation fees and deposits are Zelle, balance is cash at pickup or bank transfer if transported.


All Doodlebugs puppies have been on a deworming schedule, received a full body vet check up and vaccinations appropriate to their age. Depending on their age they will need a total of 3-4 Distemper-Parvo shots aka puppy shots. As well as a Rabies. Any other vaccinations are optional like Lyme, Bordatella and Lepto and need to be talked about with our vet. Because all of these are location and lifestyle specific. We do however caution against Lepto. IF you choose to have this given please do so ON IT'S OWN. Do not have anything else given at the same time. No other vaccinations, deworming, heartworm meds etc. 

Puppies also need continued deworming and regular fecal checks once they leave especially if they frequent parks and or daycare.

MDR1 is something that affects lots of herding breeds, and our Aussiedoodles are no exception (please find an explanation of what it is here). In short it means certain medications can cross the blood brain barrier when they are not supposed to. This simply means good management, no different then someone with say a penicillin allergy. We therefore only recommend MDR1 safe heartworm meds such as Revolution and Interceptor. 

We highly recommend delaying spaying and neutering to at least close to 12 months of age. Boys won't mark more inside being intact, if they do you need to provide more training. Girls heats aren't extremely messy typically. Allowing your puppy the full benefit of their hormones to become adults will only pay dividends later, mentally and physically. 

Lastly, this isn't necessarily a vet need but it does need to be said. Trained puppies are well adjusted adults. Puppies with boundaries are well adjusted adults. Puppies provided mental stimulation, puzzles, age appropriate walks, nose work, trick training are well adjusted and happy puppies as well as adults. Physical exercise should be puppy led. Meaning no forced fetching. Creating a ball or frisbee obsessed puppy will mean they will go beyond their physical boundaries to get their fix and their chance of injuries or hip dysplasia later in life greatly increases. Play fetch, but within limits. 5-6 retrieves is plenty. Once fully done growing at 18 months there is plenty of time for longer fetching sessions.



Kong toys
Dog Grooming Tools
3 Dog Collars
Closeup of Dog Treats
dog in crate.jpg
how to stuff a kong
Bernies perfect poop


  • A 30" will fit all our puppies up to 40lbs full grown.

  • We recommend a 42"-48" for 40-80lbs full grown.

Plastic, metal or wood. It all depends on your needs and your puppy. Just remember wood is very chewable.


  • An Xsmall will fit puppies 4lbs and under.

  • A small will fit all our puppies 4-10lbs.

  • We recommend a medium for puppies 10lbs and up. 


  • Safe chew toys.​

  • Kong, this is a brand with great options. 

  • Nylabone

  • Rib bones

  • Frozen Chicken feet

  • Pig ears

  • Rope toys

  • Stuffies, under supervision


  • Metal comb.

  • Pin Brush.

  • Slicker brush, we love the Big K from Chris Christensen.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner, we love Ice on Ice from Chris Christensen. They can be diluted to last forever!

  • Detangle spray. Ice on Ice from Chris Christensen.

  • High velocity dryer.

  • Scissors, preferable with rounded tips.

  • Nail trimmers or dremel.

  • Automotive drying towels. 

  • Ear cleaner.

If you do all the grooming at home:

  • A grooming table. home made or bought.

  • Heavy duty clippers like the Andis AGC 2 speed or Heiniger Sapphir

  • multiple blades depending on the length you wish to leave on the dog. Must haves for us are #10, #4F, #3F and # 5/8


  • Plain Yoghurt and Pure Pumpkin Puree mixed. about 1 tablespoon each per 5 lbs. This is wonderful as a  frozen treats as well.

  • Bernie's perfect Poop. Easy to add meal topper that promotes normal gut flora and subsequent poops. 

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