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Pre-Trained Puppies

These kids were started the same as all our puppies.

  • Meaning they started with ENS and ESI.

  • They have grown up on a puppy curriculum.

  • Have been raised and socialized well with children.

  • The vet has seen them and vaccinated them.

  • They have been handled daily and are temperament tested.

  • Exposed to crate training and microchipped with preregistration.

  • They go home with a 2 yr health guarantee.

  • 30 days of insurance provided by Trupanion.

  • And a lifetime access to the premier online dog training program Baxter and Bella with live trainers. 









Where the difference comes in is that these kiddos have also received actual training and a great foundation for you to continue with and hopefully expand on:

Establishing good manners.

  • No jumping/making good choices when greeting people.

  • No pulling on the leash when walking.

  • Coming when called the first time.

  • Waiting patiently for doors and not bolting out.

  • Giving toys back when asked.

  • Being calm and ok with being crates for their safety and sanity. Puppies need naps too!

Basic obedience

  • like sit, down and stay on the first ask. 


All this training will set you back a months worth of Board-and-train with a trainer. We have included this for you. 

Does that make it so they’re priced higher? It certainly does. We have spend the hours you now don’t have to. Trained puppies are a wonderful option for people who don’t want to go through the puppy phase and prefer a more mature and settled puppy. They are still puppies but with established boundaries that take only a fraction of training to upkeep their accomplishment. 

There is an additional cost for this. It is $1500. This is for 4 weeks of training the skills described above. You can add it to any Doodlebug Family puppy not already pre-trained. There is limited availability for this add-on so discuss it asap when inquiring about adding a Doodlebug Family puppy.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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